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Martha J Hall to Annie Carlisle March 21 1880


Fox Lake Ill March 21st

Dear Cousin,

You will no doubt be surprised at receiving a letter from me as it has been some time since we have held any correspondence directly. But as long as Deette is gone we do not propose to lose sight of you if we can help so I thought I would open the correspondence anew. I do not know who wrote the last letter nor do I care.

We are all well and enjoying ourselves to the best of our abilities. I have been teaching school this winter of course taught 3 ½ months school has been out now nearly two weeks. I had a nice school it only a nice pastime to teach such a school but the winter has a very disagreeable.

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We have been sleighing except about at Christmas time and since that it has been mud the most of the time but now it is splendid roads and every one seems to be improving their time. With Dance. Concerts. Singing schools and other things too numerous to mention make it seem quite lively.

Do you remember Mr Robert Hook down at Monaville you know he died last November. There has been a good many deaths among the older people during the last year.

There is a good deal of sickness now. Mr Culver is quite sick he had Congestion of the lungs for a few days they looked for his death at any hour but he is better though they hardly expect he will ever recover. He was taken the same day Ev Everets

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was married. Oh I forgot you did not know that but he is “just the same” to Alice Gilbert.

We were out last night to a concert got home about twelve and we have been to church today.

George and Eune are well her sister (a widow with one boy) is living with them this winter. I do not know how long she is going to stay there.

We have not seen Aunt Fanny for some time. I believe she is at Libertyville.

Emmit lives almost to Waukegan. Hermon lives at Monaville and Deette I presume you have heard from so she has told you herself where she is staying. don’t you think she might have found a prettier name. I do but he is a nice young fellow in spite of the name.

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He is Hermon’s wife’s cousin and I am well satisfied with my brother-in-law. well I will bring this to a close and if you think it worth answering I will write again.

So good Bye

With cousinly regards

I remain

Martha J Hall

P.S. Give Mr Carlisle my best respects and just say to him we would be glad to see you both out here. love to the little one or ones just as that happens to be.

The year, 1880, may have been added to the letter at a later date. It is correct based on information contained in the letter.

George H Wisner's wife was Eunice Ann Fenlon. The sister refered to was Julia Fenlon Whaples, widow of Emory J Whapes who died during the Civil War. Her son was Frank Whaples who was born about 1866.

Mr Culver was Horace Culver, a neighbor. His son, Everette Culver married Alice Gilbert on February 21, 1880.

DeEtte Hall married William K Bullen on January 3, 1880. More on her marriage will be revealed in a future in a future letter. The fact that he was a cousin of Herman Hall's wife, Sarah Ann Dayton, is new to me and I have not researched the connection.

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