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Ella McKinnon to Annie Carlisle Sept 16, 1908

Mapleton, Minn
Sept. 16th 1908

My dear Cousin,
I am going to try and write some tonight: I was going to answer right away but thought I would wait until Belle got home. I got a letter from her a week ago to day and she said she was not coming until Monday on the 6 O’clock but John had sent word to a friend that he would leave here on the 9 in the morning so she so she was not going to see him so I wrote to her and she got here on the 6 O’clock Sat. night so I had them all at home over Sun.

John was going to Colorado to be gone no one knows how long if he likes it out there they intend


to go up in to Idaho in a few weeks.

Every one tells Belle she is fat so I think you must have fed her good while she was there. She had a fine visit in Ill. and Wis. too she would have liked to stay down there longer but she would have been out of a school.

I shall have to send you all many thanks for those birthday remembrances as I had no thought of you sending me anything. Tell Joe that I remember him if it is a god many years since I saw him it will be 41 years in the winter (I think it was winter when he was at our place) since I last saw him. I was just a little past twelve years old and it was 34 years


this month since I saw you & your mother. It does not seem so long until one begins to count up the years. I remember when I was at work at that time and what a time we had one afternoon when you & Deette came over to see me.

Belle think she had the time of her life ____ while she was down there and I thank you for your kindness to her and wish you & Tamerson could come out and see us so we could return some of it.

I did not do so well this year as last year. I got 14 cards & 8 letters then and now I only got 9 cards & 1 letter but I must not expect so much each time.

Are you getting a collection of Post Cards? How many have you. I have 73. Ray sent me 14 for a Christmas


present 2 years ago all scenes of Poynette Wis. he was there then and I was acquainted with most of the places he sent me.

We had a very wet Summer until a few weeks ago and now it is so dry it is hard plowing being so wet when it did dry out makes it hard. But the weeds grow just the same.

Well I can not think of any more the children are studying and talking and it is hard work to keep any thoughts together very long.

So good-night with love to All. tell Auntie I will write to her soon.
Ever your Cousin,

Belle would have been 20 during the summer of 1908, her 21st birthday being just a couple of weeks after this letter on September 29th. It sounds like she had a wonderful time traveling on her summer break. In Illinois she would have visited with her Hall and Wisner relatives. Belle called on ] her aunt, Elizabeth Hall Belden, in Wisconsin, and her visit there is mentioned in the next letter. Perhaps her brother, Ray, was still there in 1908 but Ella says "he was there then" referring to 1906 making me think he was back in Minnestota in 1908. When Belle visited Annie & Tamerson Carlisle in Michigan she would have stayed at the house on Main St in Buchanan.

John was Ella's third child. I wonder if we'll hear more of his adventures?

Joe Camfield is Annie's brother and Tamerson her daughter.

My favorite line from this letter is "But the weeds grow just the same." Some things never change.

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McKinnon, Ella Hall (Mapleton, Minnesota) to “My dear Cousin” [Sarah Ann Camfield Carlisle]. Letter. 16 September 1908. Digital Images 1-4. Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Snowville, New York. 2008. [Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1908, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]


Jasia said...

I was struck by how many birthday cards Ella got! 14 cards one year, 9 the next. Wow! She was well remembered! I'm lucky if I get 3-4 cards/letters/emails for my birthday. LOL!

And what about that postcard collection? I don't suppose you have inherited or photographed that, did you Apple?

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

I never get many cards either but then again I don't have 8 kids and lots of nieces, nephews & cousins.

I wish I had the post cards! I have inherited some of Annie's pictures and cards but Ella's would have been passed through her line.

I have tracked down another of Ella's descendants and hope to hear back from them soon. They have a picture of Ella in what I believe is the checkered waist that her daughter, Ella, Jr, referred to in her letter! So I'm hoping they may have other goodies as well that they will share or at least let me link to.

So far no response from the other descendants I've tried to contact :(