Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Orville B. Glover

April 11, 1804
MARCH 18, 1852

Edwardsburg Cemetery AKA Pleasant Lake Cemetery
Ontwa Township, Cass County, MI

I found the varying scripts on this stone very interesting. There was more written on the stone but it was weathered away over time.

Digital image, 19 April 2008
Privately held by Apple, [Address for private use]

Orville B. Glover was born 11 April 1804, Upton, Worcester, MA, the son of David Glover and Tamesin Hall. The family moved to Orleans County, NY where Orville purchased land in the town of Barre in 1833 and 1835. In 1835 he married Julia Ann Carr (1818-1893). He sold the land in 1839 and moved to White Pigeon Prairie, Cass, MI. When Orville died in 1852 he left his widow to raise five children: Harrison, born 1837; Lowell H., born 1839; Jay O., born about 1841 (and mentioned in yesterday's post); Tamerson, born 1843; and William H., born about 1847.

Massachusetts Pioneers to the West Index @ Ancestry.com
pg 34, Glover, Orville B. b. Upton 1804 set N.Y. Mich 1839. Cass Twent, 65, 781

Orleans Co, NY land records
1833 Book 6, page 191; Orville B Glover bought 60acres from Holland Land Co, Twp 16, Rng 2
1835 Book 10, page 509; Orville B Glover bought 23.39 acres from Holland Land Co 16, 2

1839 Book 17, page 517; Orville B Glover sold 60a to Burnell Pitcher


Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I don't have any gravestones that old... or at least I've not found any that old for my ancestors. I can only assume they were too poor to have them.

Mind you, some churches have moved gravestones, which is quite annoying for us family historians!

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

That is so sad. Almost all of my ancestors had stones. I still haven't located the final resting place of my great-great-grandmother. Several of my husband's family were buried in a local cemetery that is now a parking lot. All of the remains were moved to another cemetery and placed in one large grave, which I found very upsetting when I visited. If they had headstones originally they were not saved.