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Laura CARTER - Surrogate Record

I have had several cousins contact me over the last couple of months about the descendants of William Hall 1740-1822 and Rheuhama Andrews or Andremer 1745-1821. I can't remember when I went to Ontario County Records and Archives to look at the Surrogate record of Laura Carter but here is the transcription I made of a small portion of the file. Laura was the granddaughter of William and Rheuhama. She never married and her immediate family predeceased her so her probate records were a gold mine for discovering some of the other descendants. I have added notes as to what I have discovered and what I think are the correct relationships.

To the Surrogate Court of the County of Ontario:

The petition of Samuel SOUTHWORTH and Montgomery S SANDFORD of the village of Geneva in said County of Ontario respectfully shows
That Laura CARTER late of the village of Geneva in said County of Ontario, deceased, died in the said village of Geneva on or about the 5th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety one being at that time a citizen of the United States and a resident of the County of Ontario. That she died having a last will and Testament, which bears the date - the - 12th day of April 1880 and a codicil thereto, which bears date the 25th day of November A.D. 1890 which affects, or purports to affect both real and personal property, and by which said Last Will and Testament the said decedent nominated and appointed Samuel SOUTHWORTH and Montgomery S SANFORD executors thereof: That the said decedent died possessed of real and personal property in the said County of Ontario, which does not exceed in value about $70,000. and that the following named persons are all the heirs at law and next of kin of the said decedent as far ??? as your petitioners can with - due diligence ascertain. The same and their places of residence are as follows, viz.,

That said decedent left no husband, child, descendant, Father, Mother, brother, sister or any descendant of any sister or brother her surviving. [Laura Carter was the daughter of Dr James Carter and Sarah Hall. She never married. She had a sister Harriet who predeceased her. I do not yet believe there were other siblings]

That as your as your petitioners are informed and believe to be true said descendant left no relatives of her surviving upon her paternal side and that her only surviving relatives are the descendants upon her maternal side. Your petitioners have made diligent inquiry from descendants surviving relatives, known to them, to ascertain the names and residences of said decedents surviving relatives, but cannot ascertain them all. So far ?? as they can ??? them , they are as follows:

Milantha MARSH and Wallace HALL of Phelps, New York only know descendants of John HALL her deceased maternal uncle. [John HALL had 5 children, however I have only learned the names of two, Olney HALL and Milantha HALL MARSH, the youngest. Olney Hall died in 1871 leaving four surviving children: John Edward HALL, William Wallace HALL, Helen Elizabeth HALL BRUSIE, and Mary Jane HALL CORWIN.]

Mary CRITTENDEN, Ypsilanti, Michigan only known descendant of Joseph Hall, her deceased maternal uncle. [Mary Hall b abt 1815 m William Salisbury CRITTENDEN s/o Osee CRITTENDEN & Sarah SALISBURY GLOVER. They lived in Lenawee Co & Jackson Co, MI. Joseph’s other children: Elizabeth d.1879, wife of Erastus BURT – some of her descendants mentioned below; Harriet d. 1876, wife of Sullivan HOLMAN – she was mistakenly listed as Laura’s aunt below; Othniel , not certain when he died, more below.]

Charles HOLMAN, Owasso, Michigan, Hattie WESTON, Alma, Michigan, Laura GARLOCK, Port Gibson, N.Y., Christina DENSMORE, Albion, N.Y., Howard BURT, Newark, N.Y., J. Hall BURT, West Kendall, N.Y., Othniel HALL, residence unknown ???? and other descendants of Harriet HOLMAN her deceased maternal aunt is petitioner unknown. [Charles HOLMAN and Harriet WESTON were children of Harriet HALL & Sullivan HOLMAN. Both Harriet b 1806-1807 & Charles b 1830 are buried in Oakhill Cemetery, Shiawassee Co, MI. Laura GARLOCK, Christina DENSMORE, John Howard BURT & Joseph Hall BURT were chil. of Erastus BURT & Elizabeth HALL. Elizabeth Hall BURT's cemetery record on the Orleans Co genweb page states that she was the daughter of Joseph HALL. Nowhere in the records of Laura CARTER is Elizabeth HALL mentioned. Othniel HALL was the son of Joseph m. Lamira Glover d/o Philander GLOVER & Polly MELVIN. His aunt, Ruhamah Hall, was her step-mother. He was in Lenawee Co, MI by 1840.]

Comfort HALL, Randolph, New York, Harriet BRIGGS residence unknown, Almira SWEET, Oil City, Pa. and others, to petitioner unknown, descendants of Samuel Hall, descendants of Samuel Hall, her deceased maternal uncle. [I think* Samuel’s children were Almira SWEET, Harriet BRIGGS, Comfort HALL, Othinal HALL, William HALL and Romina RAPPOLE. More research nedded.]

Lyman BAKER, Phelps, N.Y., Roswell BAKER, Knowlesville, N.Y., Alice JEFFERY, Tehama, California, Jessie BAKER, residence unknown, Benjamin F MEYERS, Ithaca, Michigan and others, to petitioners unknown, descendants of Persis BAKER her deceased maternal aunt. [Persis HALL m. Roswell BAKER, Sr. Lyman and Roswell Jr. were their sons. Their daughter, Philena BAKER m. John W. MYERS and their children were: Eliza MYERS m. Albert BOVEE; Benjamin F. MYERS, Philena MYERS m. Elijah BOVEE; Susan C. MYERS m. Marshall ISLES; and Mary P. MYERS. I do not know how Alice JEFFERY and Jessie BAKER are related.] [Edited 7 Aug 2009 to add: I now believe that Jessie Baker and Alice Jeffery were daughters of another son of Persis and Roswell Baker, Sr. The Orleans County genweb page lists a Ruel C. Baker, d. 1861, in Tanner Cemetery where other members of the family are buried. I found him on the 1860 in Tehama, Tehama, CA with daughters Alice Baker and Jesse McCutcheon. In 1850 he was in Jackson, Jackson, MI. On the 1870 census I found an Alice Jeffress in Red Bluff, Tehama, CA]

Reuhamma CORBIN, Albion, NY, Evelyn HIBBARD, residence unknown, Hannah CARLISLE, Albion, N.Y. and others, to petitioners unknown, descendants of Tamma Hall GLOVER, her deceased maternal aunt. [Tamesin aka Tamerson Hall m David GLOVER and they had 11 children; Eveline aka Evelyn m Jabez HIBBARD, Louisa m Daniel CARLISLE, Hannah who also m Daniel Carlisle after her sister's death, Orville m Julia CARR, Lewis m Elizabeth SEELIG, Malvina, William m Abigail ??, Rheuma m 1st Elijah SMITH m 2nd Joseph CORBIN, Sr, Reuben m. Charlotte ??, Mentoria and Milton. Evaline & Rheuma settled in Orleans Co, many moved on to Michigan]

Levi GROVER, Porter GROVER, Caroline P WHITNEY whose residences are unknown and others, unknown to petitioners, unknown descendants of Hannah GROVER, her deceased maternal aunt. [Hannah Hall was twice married, 1st to Asa Porter. Caroline P WHITNEY would be a child of this marriage. They had eight children including Caroline, two having died in 1845 and the rest I have not tracked down as yet. Hannah m 2nd Benoni GROVER with whom she at least six more children: Levi, Asa Porter, Thankful, Christina m. Russell BLAKELY,Augustus d. young and Alonzo.]

The descendants of Ruehama GLOVER her deceased maternal aunt, whose names and places of residence are to your petitioners wholly unknown. [Ruhamma m Philander GLOVER as his second wife. Her step-daughter, Lamira, m her nephew , Othniel Hall. See above. Ruhamma & Philander Glover had four children, Wellington A b 1815, Rev. Livingston M, Luther M, & Mary Jane]

Percy COOK, Minard COOK, John COOK whose places of residence are unknown to your petitioners, and other, to petitioners unknown, descendants of Sophia COOK her deceased maternal aunt. [Did they get Sophia and Sybil mixed up or did Sophia also marry a COOK?]

The descendants of William HALL, her deceased maternal uncle, whose places of residence are to your petitioners wholly unknown. [I have found nothing about William Jr. after the family left MA]

[Not mentioned were Abram Hall or Sybil HALL COOK.]

Your petitioners are unable to state whether any of the heirs at law of said Laura Carter are infants - or persons of unsound mind or ???
Therefore your petitioners pray that the said Last Will and Testament and codicil thereto may be proved and letters of testamentary granted thereon according to law and the above named and described heirs and next of kin of said decedent may be cited to attend the probate thereof: and for such other or further order in relation to the proof of said will and codicil or the service of said citation, as may be just and proper.
Dated July 14th 1891.

Signatures of S SOUTHWORTH

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