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McCracken's in Batavia, NY

Gazetteer and Biographical Record of Genessee County, N. Y., 1788-1890 By Frederick W. Beers, Vose, J.W., and Co (found at Google Book Search)

pg 44
These were appointed by the board of supervisors prior to 1847; since then elected:
Asa McCracken 1811
David McCracken 1813-1818

pgs 61-62
The Genesee County Medical Society

It appears that there was an association of physicians in Western New York, then nearly all in the county of Ontario, as early as the year 1801, for we find the name of Dr. D. McCracken, of Batavia, as a member of a medical society at that time. As however, Genesee County was not organized until the next year this could not be called in reality the Genesee County Medical Society. Meetings were held each year until 1807, when a society bearing the above name was established under the law passed the year before, by which the New York State Medical Society was legally incorporated.

pgs 64-65
In 1801, the year previous to the formation of the town of Batavia, Dr. David McCracken came to “The Bend,” as the little settlement on the Tonawanda Creek, now the village of Batavia, was then called. We have no account of his antecedents, but he was evidently a man of good standing in his profession. He removed to Rochester in 1818. Dr. Asa McCracken is recorded in 1805. Whether this is related to David is unknown.

pg168 A partial list of settlers in Batavia prior to 1820
David McCracken, 1801; Asa McCracken 1803; Daniel McCracken 1802; Rufus McCracken, 1802

pg 170
We are enabled to give the location of a few of the pioneer settlers. Rufus McCracken, in January 1802, bought lot 6, section 10, 168 acres, for $263.37. David McCracken, at the same time, bought lot 8, section 10, 152 acres for $418.

pg 193
Dr. David McCracken, located in 1801, took up lot 25, of 34 acres, paying $170. This lot is bounded by Main, Jackson and Center streets. Shortly after his purchase he erected a log house, on what is now Williamson’s furniture store, East Main street. He had four brothers, who soon came into the settlement.

pg 624
The Batavia and Pembroke Baptist Church was organized at East Pembroke, February 18, 1826. The following were the constituent members: Benjamin Wells, Daniel McCracken, Chauncy Wolcott, William Upton, Mary A. McCracken, Lydia Wolcott, and Sarah Harrington.

Notes: I believe that David, Daniel, Asa and Rufus were the sons of Samuel McCracken and Lettice Carlisle. Sarah Harrington may or may not have been their sister. More research for proof is needed. Dr. David McCracken 1768-1842 died in Rochester, Monroe County, NY and is buried in Mt Hope Cemetery.

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