Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Harry McFry Investigates

I am quite enjoying The Case of the Missing Family, A Harry McFry GPI Mystery, by Thomas Hamburger, Jnr. The first eight chapters have been been great. A Private Eye novel with a genealogical twist. Check it out - a story that makes genealogy seem fun!

From Chapter 3

"Once in the Local History Research room, Harry made for his favourite microfiche reader and threw his coat onto the back of the chair. Before he could even begin to sit down a voice like honey drizzled on a warm croissant reached out to him from the neighbouring machine.

“Mr McFry?”
He turned to his left and saw her for the first time. The eyes that regarded him matched the dress, full and blue; her lips were redder than a number 3 pool ball. She looked like she had poured herself into her dress until it was full to the brim, and then added some more. Her hair was black and hung shining around her shoulders. With difficulty, Harry dragged himself away from the view and replied, “That’s me, Miss . . . McFry?”

“Call me Laurel,” she said quietly, before adding, after an almost imperceptible pause, “cousin.”

And Chapter 5 -

"An uneasy feeling began to creep over him. Whatever was going on here, it didn’t make sense. A mystery call warning him to stay away from the library. Laurel McFry’s insistence that she and he were cousins, and her fanciful notion that her family had been ‘stolen’. And now, this. One thing was for sure, this might not be the open-and-shut case he thought it would."

The plot thickens with chapters 6, 7 and 8. Several twists are added to keep you coming back for more!

Thanks to Chris Dunham for posting this.


Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Sounds good. If only I didn't have a stack of books waiting for me to start/finish reading them!

Bill Blunt said...

Thanks for noticing this, Apple! I'm publishing this in easy-to-eat serial form, so nikki-ann and others like her can pick up a chapter (or two) a day (and for anyone else, I'm investigating publishing it in cereal form, too!)

Best wishes and oh what a lovely blog you've got here, Apple!