Saturday, January 6, 2007

Kelly Census records 1860-1880

My Kelly family's census records have been very frustrating. Didn't they know when they were born?? Or where they were born??!!

1st found on 1860 census in Adams, Jefferson Co, NY. Pg 74-75, family 638

Michael Kelly age 38 laborer b Ireland $0 r/e $50 p/e
Mary Kelly age 27 housework b Ireland
John age 6 b NC
James age 5 b NY
Phillip age 2 b NY
M A female age 7/12 b NY

John’s birth place definitely begins with N. second letter appears to be C but could be Y. James listing shows NY and Phillip & MA have “
1870 census, Adams Center, Adams, Jefferson Co, NY, pg 53, family 513
surname looks like Killer or Keller

Michael age 40 day laborer b Ireland $800 r/e - $100 p/e
Mary age 33 keeps house b Ireland
John age 17 works on RR b Canada
James age 13 farm laborer b NY
Philip age 12 at home b NY
Mary age 10 school b NY
William age 8 school b NY
George age 3 school b NY

Michael only 2 years older than in 1860 !?

Mary only aged 6 years since 1860

John was b. Canada, 11 years older than 1860.

James only 8 years older than 1860

M A = Mary Ann
1880 census, Adams Village, Jefferson Co, NY, pg 12,

family 122
Phillip Kelley age 24 laborer on RR b NY Fa b Ireland Mo b France
Anna M wife age 20 or 21 b NY Fa b Ireland Mo b Ireland
Mina dau age 2 b NY Fa b NY Mo b NY
Nettie dau age 1 b NY Fa b Ny Mo b NY

Family 123
Mary Kelley age 45 keeping house b France Fa b Ireland Mo b Ireland
John son age 25 blacksmith b Canada Fa b Ireland Mo bFrance
James son age 22 carpenter b NY Fa b Ireland Mo b France
George son age 21 at school b NY Fa b Irelnad Mo b France
William son age 18 laborer b NY Fa b Ireland Mo b France

Michael not present, did he die between 1870 & 1880?

Mary now 12 years older than in 1870 and b France? Why didn’t she give that before?

John only aged 8 years since 1870

James 9 years older than 1870

Philip married; also 12 years older than 1870

Mary missing. Did she marry, move out or pass on?

William now younger than George! But he aged 10 years

George has aged 18 years in last 10. Since he is still in school I’m betting this is a mistake. In 1900 he gave his age as 35.

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