Friday, January 12, 2007

Searching In Upstate NY?

Old Fulton NY Postcards

The name of this site is very misleading. The site is the work of Thomas M. Tryniski and does have some Old Fulton NY Post Cards. But wait there is more, much, much more.

Currently he has 2,450,000 searchable newspaper pages available. Not just Fulton papers; there are papers available from across upstate NY. In my Kelly research I found papers from Adams, Watertown, Canton, Ogdensburg and Lowville from Northern NY. There are probably others. I got hits from Fulton, Oswego, Cato, Auburn and Utica from CNY and Rochester & Buffalo form WNY. Again there were probably others that I didn't find. A searching tip: search for an exact phrase or you may get way more hits than you can use.

But that's not all! Take a look at the right side of the screen. I'm not sure what all of that does - maybe someone can tell me - but if you click on the very bottom line "View Fulton Historical Post Cards" you will find links to old post cards but look at the far left column and you will find Cemetery Records of Syracuse and Fulton. Here are the internment records from Mt. Adnah in Fulton, Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse and Booneville records. You have to hunt through the information but it is all there.

Want more? How about Federal census records for various NY locations. There are a couple of church records available. City Directories for Auburn, Fulton and Oswego. Probate records and yes lots and lots of pictures, not just post cards.

Except for the newspapers I didn't see a way to search but there is so much information there it's certainly worth a look.

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