Monday, February 5, 2007

17th Carnival of Genealogy

The 17th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is up at Creative Gene. This month's topic was thanking those that helped along the way. I enjoyed a couple of new to me blogs - go check them out! There were also a few bloggers MIA, that I hope to see next month - because

I love the topic for the next Carnival! I'm looking forward to learning about some new resources and methods. If you haven't participated before this would be a great time to start! Those of you that have been at this for awhile help the rest of us out! I really could use some help with researching in Ontario, Canada - hint, hint.

The topic for the next edition will be: 5 Best tips for specific genealogy research. Let's get the word out and create a Carnival full of recommended "best" tips for researching in a specific time or location. We've all discovered some outstanding resources in the course of our research. Maybe you've got some wonderful resources for researching in Ireland, New England, or South Carolina. Tell us the best sources you recommend for researching a specific location! Did your family come over on the Mayflower, fight on Civil War battlefields, or participate in the California gold rush? Share your best sources for researching specific time or events. Let's put together more than just a list of resources, let's make it a Carnival of best recommended resources! Think about writing more than one blog article if you have knowledge of more than one area of research and submit them all. Let's see if we can get this next Carnival to go around the world, the country, and the block! Tell us how you've researched historical events too! Recommendations can be specific databases, books, web sites, genealogical/historical societies, collections, etc. This is Challenge Carnival... bring on your best!

Amy Crooks at Untangled Family Roots has started a new Carnival; who is that? As usual, I'm a day (or three) late. It looks like it will be once a month. I have several years worth of who, what & wheres! Lol
"Submit your stories of unknown people in photos, unknown relative and ancestors you can't find, and stories that may be something from Uncle Joes immagination."

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