Monday, February 26, 2007

More Kelly Photos

Mary Kelly (my grandmother) in the center. I'm not sure who the other four girls are, she only had two sisters. I'm fairly sure it was taken on Metcalf St. I originally thought it was taken prior to her marriage, sometime between 1917 & 1922 but then I found the next picture.

1926. In this picture Mary is clearly wearing the same dress and is with her husband, Kimberly Powell Berry and son, Harvey Gordon Berry who was born June 1926. This photo is labeled Ottawa.

Isabella White Kelly (my great-grandmother, Mary's mother) Not sure of the year, Again I think this was taken at the Metcalf St. address. 1926? 1936?

1936. Ottawa. Isabella White Kelly with grandson, Thomas Kimberly Berry. Her only granddaughter is in the back ground (not identified here as she is still living.)

Isabella White Kelly 1949. I'm not sure if this was taken in Ottawa or Syracuse.

1949. Taken same day. left to right - Isabelle Kelly McKinstry (daughter of Isabella), Kimberly Powell Berry (My grandfather, husband of Mary Kelly Berry), Isabella, Mary Kelly Berry, (I think) David Gordon McKinstry (husband of Isabelle)

1949. In this one Kim Berry took the picture. The new man in the picture I believe to be a son of Isabella but I have no idea which one. Since there is no wife in the picture it could be Philip, as far as I know he never married. It could be Mary's twin, Sandy, I don't know when his wife, Honoreen died. But it could be James and his wife, Ida, simply wasn't there at the time.


Greg C said...

I love these old photo's. But where is Snowville NY? Is it a real place or just the area where the snowfalls so deep? I am curious because I love upstate NY. Can you pinpoint in a map where it is? Some of these photo's look like relatives of mine.

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Rob Page. I am the grandson of Isabelle and Gordon. My Mom (their only daughter)
was Lois McKinstry. I believe she is the one on the tricycle in the background. She became a stewardess for Eastern Airlines and moved to the 'states. She raised our family mostly in Massachusetts. She just passed away in November at 75.
I can't believe I found this blog! I was just typing in my grandad's name for the hell of it and found your site! (P.S.- that's not him in the picture, but I can send you some. I also have pics of Isabella & Isabelle, etc.
I have lot's of pictures and documents etc.

I don't know much about my Canadian side, but I remember
My great Uncle Kim and Aunt Tatie (Mary,Your Grandmother, I believe) I was very young, but We visited them a couple of times back in the late 60's-early 70's. (I think they lived across the street from Gordon and Isabelle at the time.)
I would absolutely love to talk with you if you like.
My email is: