Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Site Revisited

Randy, at Genea-Musings, has had a series of posts detailing where and how he has searched for his Breesee line. A great idea to keep track of where he has already looked and what he found at each site or resource.

I have always made short notes in my file - nothing found at "x" site - so I wouldn't duplicate work I'd already done. This works great for static sites, no more "Oh, I remember checking here last month!"

Yesterday I stopped at Nikki-ann's where she is looking for her Great-grandfather's birth registration. In the comments I asked if she had checked the Free BMD site as I had found my great-grandfathers registration there several years ago.

It dawned on me that this was an ongoing transcription project, not at all static! Several other family members had little notes in my file that I had checked FreeBMD and not found their records.

Needless to say I started entering names in the search engine. In the last few years the index has been added to include my:

Gr-great-grandparents marriage
Gr-gr-great grandmothers death
Gr-gr-great grandfathers death

I also found leads on another Gr-gr-grandmothers death, there were several of the same name. I now need to look for some of my aunts and uncles records.

From now on my notes will include the date I checked and a reminder to recheck in the future! Randy's method of posting to his blog would include the date!

It is serendipitous that I happen to be getting some overtime this week! Now I just have to remember which of the 10-10-phone services I use to call the UK!


Anonymous said...

Always worth checking back. I'm glad you've managed to further your research.

I've just found and ordered a certificate (through Ancestry this time) and I'll probably mention that in my next entry.

I really should keep better track of these things too!

Take care :)

Unknown said...

I love your site here - it's remarkable! I am glad I found you. I have a blog a little similar @ wordsofgrandma.blogspot.com Hope you can come over and check it out. I'll be back to yours I am sure :)

david santos said...

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