Sunday, October 7, 2007

More Weddings

While talking to Mom about her wedding she also told me what little she knew of my grandparents weddings. I have updated what I wrote about my paternal grandparents wedding here, to add a photo and the fact the the minister was a friend of theirs.

My maternal grandparents were married in 1919 at the Alamo, something that I'd never heard previously. I'm digging around to see what else I can find out about that. The Alamo does have a nice garden so I suspect that was where the wedding took place.

Jasia, as always, has done a great job putting together the 33rd Edition of The Carnival of Genealogy at Creative Gene. What a lovely mix of stories this month! An opulent fairytale wedding, a scandal, small private affairs, traditions, tragedies and mysteries; all interesting reading.

The next edition, Halloween and Supernatural promises to be fun!

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