Saturday, November 17, 2007

161 Meme

Becky at kinnexions has tagged me for the 161 meme. Go to page 161 of the book I'm reading and share the 6th sentence. Then tag 5 more.

I'm currently reading When Phelps Was Young by Helen Post Ridley (a history of Phelps, Ontario Co, NY) online at World Vital Records. I do actually read entire books on my laptop. This book only has 136 pages.

I'll be re-reading The Christmas Train by David Baldacci next week at work. Leading up to Christmas I re-read several favorites every year.

"Well, the Zephyr does leave out of Chicago too."

If you haven't already been tagged - you're it!

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Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Nordic Blue tagged me, so I've just done the meme.

I have to get away from my laptop to read anything longer than a short story.