Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas at Church

December 17 - Christmas Church Services
Did your family attend religious services
during the Christmas season?
What were the customs and traditions involved?
When my brother and I were in the choir we would have attended Christmas Eve service. I loved being in the youth choir! I looked forward to rehearsals and I remember how special I felt when we walked up the special stair case from the basement directly into the choir loft. Other than that I don't remember anything special or different at church. I'm sure that there were special things going on in Sunday school. I remember a huge, wooden nativity scene in front of the church. Dad did much of the woodworking for the church but I don't know if he worked on that or not. For a few years we had Advent Candles on the table that we lit each week. My memories of church are clearer of Easter services than of Christmas.

I no longer attended church services except for weddings and funerals. Most years I think about attending one of the local Christmas services but I never do go. I've been let down too many times by organized churches so, for now anyway, my relationship with Him remains a private one.

An Advent Calendar count down
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