Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Cards

December 4 - Christmas Cards
Did your family send them?
Did your family display the ones they received?
Do you still send Christmas cards?

Mom had a separate section in her address book full of addresses that were only used to for sending Christmas cards. Christmas cards were the only contact she had with many people from year to year. She has cut down on the number of cards she sends but there still is a good sized pile that goes out every year.

They are always taped to the molding around the shelves just inside the front door. My sister and I have adopted this custom in our homes using door frames instead.

Christmas Eve 2003 at County Girl & The Colonel's

My Aunt Vivian always included a Christmas letter in her cards that I looked forward to every year. I wrote Christmas letters three or four years. Other years I included our family photo or simply had the photo made into a card. I would love to have this be an annual thing but I is nearly impossible to get everyone all together at the same time. 2005 was the last year we had a group picture and my son-in-law wasn't able to be there.

Christmas Eve 2005 at PJ & Jae's

Every year BJ and Angie pick a funny card. Often their pick is a bit on the naughty side and they pick a second card (still humorous) that they can send to relatives that they think might be offended by their first choice. Their barometer is my Mom. She looks forward to their cards and isn't as easily offended as they think.

I haven't sent out cards the last couple of years. This year I may send out just a few.

An Advent Calendar count down
to Christmas!

Who else is participating?

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Thomas MacEntee said...

My Christmas cards are segregated as well - naughty and nice. I usually save the naughty ones for a select few.

Anonymous said...

My mom would always tape the cards to our front door on the back and then around the doors. She also kept them up way past the holiday season. LOL!

If you still haven't found cards to send out yet, check out a new website called www.giggleprint.com. You can create your card online and they are pretty cheap!