Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday Parties

December 9 - Holiday Parties
Did your family throw a holiday party each year?
Do you remember attending any holiday parties?
Host a party? LOL Dad would have had a fit if we'd invited people over. The only holiday parties we attended would have been with our scout troops or at church.

After I married John we attended the annual office party every year. I always looked forward to going - a night out, with no kids. It was great to get out but being in a room full of people that I didn't know and who were significantly older than me wasn't always fun. The parties were a lot more fun as I aged ; ) There used to be an annual Christmas party where I work but they haven't had one now in several years. We will have a holiday dinner in the break room a few days before vacation.

Most organizations that I've belonged to have some sort of special meeting or party at this time of year. This year I'll attend my garden club's party next week - if the weather cooperates.

An Advent Calendar count down
to Christmas!

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