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Letters to Santa - 1931

The Syracuse Herald, December 24, 1931, pg 5

Dear Santa Claus:
Is it very cold in the North Pole? I would like to know whether you are coming in an airplane this year?

I was a very good boy since last year. I am nine years old. I am in the fourth grade.

Will you please bring me a sled? I am not asking for too much because times are hard this year.

Yours truly,

Dear Santa:
How are you feeling this Christmas? I hope you are feeling well.

I am a little girl nine years of age and in the fourth grade. I have been a pretty good girl this year, and have helped mother a lot. I would like for Christmas a few dresses. One for best and a couple for school. I would like a nice ring and a pair of ice skates, too. Think that’s all I really need except a pair of skating knickers to go with my skates. I think I will close now.

Your little friend,

Dear Santa Claus:

How are you getting along at the North Pole? Is it very cold up there? How are your toys getting along? When are you coming down the chimney? I wonder if you like to tell what I want, but first I want to tell you something.

I am a little girl 8 years of age. I would like a doll carriage with a doll. I have not anymore to write, so will close my letter.
Your truly,

Dear Santa Claus:

Is it very cold at the North Pole? How are you feeling this Christmas? I am in the four one grade, and I am nine years. I am a boy. I have been good this year. Dear Santa would you bring me a train, boat, stamps and an airplane?

Yours truly,

Dear Santa Claus:

I am twelve years old and in the eighth grade. My father died two years ago. Nobody is working in my family. My brother goes to school and my sister use to work and she helped us a great deal. My brother, mother and my sister would be very thankful if you would send us some food for Christmas dinner. When we go to church we will say a prayer for you. Please help us for we have no one to depend on except you.

Thanking you,

Dear Santa Claus,

How are you? I am just fine. How is your RainDears? I hear you are coming soon! I want a doll trunk for my doll and a coat for my doll and some dresses to? Love to Santa from JOYCE BRAINARD

I am 7 years old.

Dear Santa Claus:

Christmas will soon be here. I am going to have a Christmas tree, and I am going to have electric lights on the Christmas tree

Now I am going to tell what I want. I want a Christmas stocking, doll, cooking set and box of crayons.

Yours, truly,

Dear Santa Claus:

I just can’t wait until Christmas comes. Oh! I want many things I’ve tried to be a good girl I am eight and one half years old. Mother said that I was a very nice girl.

Dear Santa, will you please bring me a doll, horn, train, and a doll house?

Yours truly

Dear Santa Claus:

How are you feeling? It is nearly Xmas and I thought I would write you a letter.

I am a little girl eight years old. I have been a pretty good girl this year. I wonder if you could bring me a pretty doll.

Yours truly

Dear Santa:

Are you coming very soon? Do you have any Christmas trees where you live? Is it very cold where you live? It is going to snow here pretty soon. Are you coming with an airplane or your reindeer?

I wish you would please bring me some toys. I would like an electric train, pair of ice skates, sled and some candy.

Yours truly,

Dear Santa,

Please give a blackboard, and some chalk and erasers. I want a desk and some story books and some coloring books. I want a pair of roller skates. I want some candy and some peanuts and some nuts. I want a stocking full of candy and a stocking full of toys and brings me pens and penholders. I want a play wristwatch and a pocket book with it. My sister Mary wants a pair of roller skates and a doll and a carriage and a blackboard and chalk and erasers. I want a electric stove. My sister Sue Anne wants a pair of learning skates. and a set of dishes and a coloring books with crayons and some story books. My sister Josephine wants some cloths and a ring and braclet. My sister Betty was a carriage and a box of handkerchiefs and a furniture set. My sister Pualine wants a little doll with a little carriage with it, and a little broom. I hope you bring all the toys that we want if you can. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am going to close now, for that’s all we want.

Your good girls,

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