Thursday, January 3, 2008

One Thing Leads to Another

Recently, Craig wrote about revisiting sites to see if they had anything new. Miriam, Becky and probably others followed suit and made new discoveries. I was re-organizing some of the links on my sidebar and clicked on the one for Silverbrook Cemetery in Niles, MI. And there she was, my great-great-grandmother, who I had only as Mrs. E. A. Graham, was named Elizabeth! Now that I have a name and some dates I should be on my way to learning more about her.

Today I was reading Randy's post about his Smith line in Jefferson County, NY. I started looking at my links to see if I had anything that might help him. The jury is out on that but I while looking for him I found that part of the 1855 census has been transcribed. I found my great-great-grandparents, Michael & Mary Kelly. On the 1855 census they recorded the type of dwelling that they resided in. The Kelly's lived in a log home! I've imagined my New England ancestors and those that moved to New York in the early 1800's living in log cabins but not my Kelly ancestors who immigrated from Ireland, through Canada in the late 1840's!

So I never know what I'm going to find but it has been a great week for me!

I have added a special section of New York links that I have found helpful and I will continue to add new links over time.


Anonymous said...

You are so right - one never knows what will be found and YOU just led me to a find of my own. I didn't even know that Silverbrook Cemetery was computerized and can you believe I found two of my Kolberg graves listed there. Here I live in the area and you have to give me a hint all the way from New York.

Try to make a trip here to Michigan this summer as you had mentioned in an earlier blog. I know you said your Mom is from Buchanan. I would love to meet you and maybe we could get Jasia to drive on down from Detroit.

Don't come right now, though. The snow here would not be a pleasant experience though you probably have as much snow in NY as we have here, maybe more!


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

I'm glad the link helped you too. The last time I checked it they had just started transcriptions.

I would love to get back to Michigan and meet you. I'm not sure how things will work out this year with work but my plan is to cut back on OT in 2009 so I can do more of what I want :)

Terry Thornton said...

Apple, It appears that you are getting just one late Xmas present after another! Way to go! I'm so glad that you are find new and important information.

Lee said...

Congratulations on some great finds!

I really need to heed that advice myself, but time has been so crunched here lately, I'm lucky to sleep! Hopefully with the kids back in school now, I'll get caught and life will balance out again. :-)