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Ella McKinnon to Annie Carlisle June 27 1880

Eau Claire June 27th 180

Dear Cousin Annie

I told you I was coming to Eau Claire and I would write when I got here but I have neglected to do so partly because I was rather busy a part of the time and when I had time I forgot it. that is the only excuse I can offer for the neglect.

Have you heard that I was married? if not I will say right here that I am was married on the 26th of April

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and meant to have written to you right away but only just got at it. My husband is a scotchman and his parents live in Canada but he has not lived there for 14 years. he has a farm out in Blue Earth Co Minnesota and we are going out there this fall. he is 15 years older than I but remember Annie that I am getting old too. It does not seem as though we were so old does it, it only seems a little while ago since we were little children and it has been a good while since we played together

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My husband is just as good as he can be. he talks sometimes as though I was some little child that could not think for myself because he is afraid I will take cold or something of that sort.

Annie I wish I could see you. How long is it since you were married? I have forgotten.

I would like to have you send me your and Mr Carlisle & the babies pictures. if you will I will send you ours.

Please excuse this short letter but I have no more time now to write so will close by hoping to hear from you soon.

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I remain your cousin as ever.

Ella L McKinnon

Eau Claire

Eau Claire Co


Box 1062

Ella Hall married Jacob McKinnon, son of John and Annie (Stewart) McKinnon. These letters are from my maternal line so I was quite surprised a few years ago to discover a possible connection between the McKinnon's and my paternal cousins in Canada. Stan Cumming and I worked on trying to untangle the relationships but I believe that I simply found cousins of cousins. Anyway it was very interesting for me that John and Annie McKinnon were already in my paternal file when I started researching Ella's descendants.

Ashley and Annie (Camfield) Carlisle had a son, Francis Ashley Carlisle born 18 May 1878 in Buchanan, MI.

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McKinnon, Ella Hall (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) to “Dear Cousin Annie” [Sarah Ann Camfield Carlisle]. Letter. 26 June 1880. Digital Images 1-4. Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Snowville, New York. 2008. [Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1880, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan]

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