Thursday, July 3, 2008

Comment Problem Fixed

I want to thank Janet and Tex for letting me know that the comment link wasn't working - and for their kind comments in their emails to me!

Blogger in draft has a new comment option that allows comments to be placed below the post and it works great - on my other three blogs! Here, I have reset it to the old pop-up comment form. I think the problem arose from the fact that I was lazy and got this template from blogcrowds instead of working out the html myself. I have had problems making other changes too, so expect a change in how things look here sometime later this summer. (Much later, I speak html about as well as I do Spanish, just enough to get by.)

The posts done in the new post editor still are not formatting correctly. I think I have figured out how to fix that too, but if not I will be redoing them altogether. Either way my feed will probably be showing duplicate posts and I apologize in advance.

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