Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Missing Years

I have been skimming through the digital images of the letters trying to pull out the ones related to the Wisner - Hall line. As I find them I label them, resize them and place them in a folder to be transcribed. After I transcribe them I do a little research based on any new to me information and then add my comments. For the most part I am reading them for the first time as I transcribe them.

Between 1881 and 1887 I found no letters from Annie's cousins. I don't know when or why the correspondence stopped. I assume that there were some letters that were not saved and perhaps I missed one or two in trying to pull out these particular letters which are mixed in with other correspondence in the file. Certainly there should have been news of the deaths of William & Elizabeth Wisner in 1877. There is only one letter for 1887 and then another 13 year gap when Ella and Annie resume their correspondence. In the missing years there were many births and deaths. Did their lives just get too busy or was there some sort of falling out between the families?

To my surprise there is a letter written by Annie and others written by her cousins to her mother Sarah Ann Wisner Camfield. I believe the letters to Sarah Ann were saved after she moved in with Annie. I have been having a great deal of frustration with blogger the last several days. Several images have disappeared and sometimes line breaks are ignored. If you see anything that looks wrong or notice something that appears to be missing please let me know and be patient if I mess up my feed by republishing.

With summer vacation here I have been working to get a little bit ahead so I can get some fun stuff done around the house - like weeding and painting ;-)

Here is a map showing some of the locations mentioned in the letters. Clicking on any of the markers will give you the name of the town and who was living there.

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