Monday, August 18, 2008

Ella and Jake's Picture

I finally connected with one of Ella's descendants today! I'm so happy that at least one her descendants now knows of the letters and can enjoy them.

I found Margie through her website where she has some pictures of her ancestors including this one of Ella and Jake that she has graciously allowed me to post here. She also has posted a couple of pictures of Belle McKinnon. I'm excited to see the face behind the letters!

Ella and Jacob McKinnon ca. 1906

In looking closely at this picture I think it may be the picture that Ella McKinnon, Jr referred to in her letter of October 21, 1906.
Don’t you think those pictures of Papa and Mamma are fine? I do except that Mamma had that black and white checkered waist which really looks almost like silk, but in the picture it looks like a faded calico waist.
Now I''m wondering if the picture was taken for their 25th Anniversary in 1905. Ella would have been 50 and Jake 66. Then again Ella, Jr's letter was written in late 1906.

Ella Letitia Hall McKinnon and Jacob McKinnon. ca 1906. Photograph. Privately held by Margie McKinnon [Address for private use.] 2008 Reproduced with permission.

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Tex said...

Great to see a photo of Ella and Jacob. I hope to get to see the one of Belle as well. And what a nice smile on Ella. These people are in my head! :-)