Monday, October 27, 2008

Memories on Monday - Halloween Candy

Thomas wants to know what candy we had as kids. A pleasant trip down memory lane.

Trick or Treating on Halloween was always a great time. Dad would take us around the neighborhood and Mom would stay home to answer the door. We lived in a small housing tract where we could go to plenty of houses, get tons of candy and still not be out too long, an important factor when you consider that it was often very cold. I'm sure that some years there must have been snow but at my age I've developed a selective memory!

My favorite was Necco wafers although I don't care much for them any more. Sweet Tarts were (and still are) another favorite. We always got lots of the fun size chocolate bars and they are what we always gave out. Back then many families made up trick or treat bags full of small pieces of candy; Fireballs, pieces of gum, Tootsies Pops, Sour Fruit Balls, etc. We also got popcorn balls from a couple of families. Candy cigarettes were a favorite that I'm quite happy are no longer available. Sugar Babies, wax teeth and Jujyfruits are others I remember fondly. Mom and Dad got all the Mary Janes, Licorice and Salt Water Taffy that ended up in my bag.

Nestles had a plant just north of Syracuse in Fulton, NY but we got just as many Hersey bars as we did Nestles. The Nestles plant has been closed for a few years now but Nestles Crunch and White Chocolate were always favorites of mine.

At the Safety Expo this year I was refilling the candy bowls and opened a bag of Sour Patch Kids and suddenly I became very popular. None of it made it out to the stations as it was gone as soon as I opened it, my son and grand-daughters at the head of the line. I've never had them but maybe I should give them a try.



Happy Halloween!
You've been BOO-ED! Come by to see what it's all about!
Thanks for bringing back
all those fun memories of
Halloween Candy! Jewelgirl

CountryGirl said...

My favorite part was sorting through all the candy when we got home!