Sunday, December 7, 2008

Randy's Scavenger Hunt

I guess "Saturday Night Fun" is going to be a regular feature at GeneaMusings. I admit I went looking to see what Randy came up with for this week. Since this week is a scavenger hunt we're all going to come up with the same answers so if you want to play stop reading now and go check out the rules first. After you have your answers come on back and see if your answers match mine.

Tonight (and any time you want to play) let's go on a Scavenger Hunt for ancestors of well-known genealogy bloggers.

For each person listed below, provide the name of the spouse of the person and the genea-blogger to whom they are related. Easy, eh?

1) Emma Priscilla Libby -

Emma Priscilla Libby was born June 2, 1849 in Medford,
Middlesex, Mass. She married Hugh Martin of Nova Scotia,
Canada in November 1869, and they also lived with her parents,
Varanus and Ann Smith Libby. Emma and Hugh Martin had one
daughter, Elizabeth E. Martin, born about 1872 in Lowell.

Bill West at West in New England,10 June 2007

2) Cerena Whipple

Married 1st to Isaac Davis; 2nd to William D Nichols; 3rd to Amos M Quinby or Quimby.

Found here at Apple's Tree, 6 Dec 2008. To date this is the only article I have written about my brother-in-law's family but I expect there will be more.

3) Elenor L. Vreeland

She was married to John Wallace Lewis.

Iniially found at Rootsweb tree of Miriam Robbins Midkiff. I then checked Miriam's blog, AnceStories and found a nice biography for Elenor Vreeland.

4) Abbie Ardell Smith

I did know that I would find Abbie "Della" in Randy's tree as I enjoyed reading her journal but I googled her anyway rather than just head to Randy's blog.

She was married to Henry Austin Carringer

Google took me straight to Della's Journal - The Players. Randy has many other posts that would have lend me to the information.

5) Daniel Derondo Delaney

Daniel was married to Ellen Collins, which I found right on the google search page.

There is lots of information about Daniel D Delaney. The most recent posts were was by Sheri Fenley at The Educated Genealogist and The Educated Graveyard Rabbitt. Much more information about Daniel Delaney can be found here.

6) Ophelia Elizabeth Nix

Phelie was married to William Alfred Hollingsworth.

Terry Thornton at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi wrote about them when he shared a family photo on 5 June 2007 and where they were 100 years ago on 6 January 2008.

Please post the answers on your blog (if you have one), or in my comments (if you don't have a blog). That way it doesn't matter who was first, only that you played the game well.

A bonus question: Who in your ancestry has a very unique name? Tell us - amaze us with the creativity of your ancestors!
I have already written about some of the unique names in my family. My youngest granddaughter, known as Sprout here, has such an unusual name that I have not been able to find another with same name with a google search. I think the names in my tree that I find most unique would be my great-grandmother, Arazina Rose Graham and my grandfather, Kimberly Powell Berry.

This is for fun, not work or intellectual challenge, although it might improve your Google search skills. Enjoy!
It did provide a bit on fun on a Sunday morning. Hopefully I didn't miss any additional spouses that I should have dug deeper for. Thanks Randy!

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Well done! I had no tricks up my will be interesting to see how many do this - I've had several emails so far too.