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Sarah Ann Camfield, 16 Sept 1881

Noble September 16 1881

wel we got a letter 2 weeks ago to day from you was going to thrash monday so did not write rite away as I thought so it has been out of we had only 168 bushels of wheat and 240 oats the corn is about a midling crop I suppose you know that Freddie has been here ever since the 25 of june and is here yet we have had only 1 letter from them since he came he said his pa and ma was comeing after him when school commenced but they dont come nor write have you heard from them lately
we are all alone only fred our hired man left more than

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amonth ago I have not had a girl only 3 weeks in more than ayear I have hard work to get along but I manage somehow I have besides doing the work in the house I have pulled all the beans and carrid them in the woodhouse and thrashed and sifted then and hav almost a bushel of course Fred helped alittle and dried more than a bushel of aples now they are dried and picked them up and carried them in I peled and sliced every one yesterday we went to Bronson with atub of butter and got 20 cts per pound Fred went to the dentists and had a tooth he is a good boy but it makes me a goodeal of work but then he is a goodeal of company S A Camfield
are you comeing out this fall

Fred would have been 5 ½ years old in the summer of 1881 and Sarah Ann was 64. I believe that he did go back to his parents in the fall. In later years he would be sent to live with Mike and Sarah Ann and they would end up raising him.

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