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Anna Camfield Carlisle, 3 Feb 1887

Buchanan, Michigan.
Febuary 3, 1887

Dear Ashley I received your letter last evening was glad to hear from you I should have been very much disapointed if you had not writen. We are getting along all right. Toley stayed with me the first night you was away and your Mother has been home every night since.
Now Ashley dont work so hard that you make yourself sick you had much better rest some than be sick. Frank goes to school every day. I made his coat last week, also a new cap, out of the same cloth, so he has his whole new suit to wear this week. Frank and Cuthbert Wright go together and sit together and are as good friends as they used to be.


Daniel has had quite a cold but is getting over it all right, he seems to fell as well as ever today, and is so busy he has not got time to go to sleep. last sunday morning Grandma got up and built the fire when Daniel saw it was built he got right up and called you to take him up he was not satisfied until he came out and see you was not here, then he said, papa gone Bend, and seemed disapointed. all the rest of the time when I get up and build the fire he seems satisfied and thinks it all right to sit in the big chair and rock.
Dell brings the water all right and we have enough in the barrel to wash next week and some over. Mrs Steretts baby has been sick but is better. Mr Sterrett was sick a few days after he went to Chicago and Harry was quite sick the last we heard. Mrs Sterrett has been here twice and Mrs Robinson once so you see we have some company. No news from Sims yet, only Ettie had to go Berrien as a witness and Sim went with her and did not let her get out of his seight. Frankie Bachilor has another baby born last sunday.
Joe Blakes baby is dead, buried last saturday. and John and Gene Hamilton have lost their little girl, funeral last Sunday at the Methodist church. I did write some in the letter you wrote to Fannie and sent it so she must have got it before this. I sent you last weeks Record and will send you this weeks when we get through reading it. I am sorry Josey is sick I hope he is better by this time. tell Rosa I am afraid I will not know Daisy if she lets her grow so fast. Frank wants to write you but I guess he wont have time this time. we will all be glad to see you when you come home so come when you think best. we seem to be getting along all right here, so dont worry about us, bu if the work seems to be hard on you, you had better come home and rest a few days. we all send love.
Anna Carlisle.


Sim just steped to the door and invited your Mother to come down to his house.

I believe that Anna had someone stay with her because she was pregnant. Toley was her friend and I have some letters written by her but none of them have a last name on them.

Cuthbert Wright was most likely born about 1878 and the son of Thomas and Margaret Wright. On the 1880 census they are found in Marcellus, Cass Co, MI.

The Sterrett's must have been neighbors but I haven't located them on the 1880 or 1900 census.

There was a family named Robinson who lived behind the Carlisle's. I am unsure of their first names. EDIT 15 May 2010. Etoley Robinson was a close friend of Anna's and her brother Abner Robinson and perhaps her parents lived near the Carlisle's.

So far I don't know who Sims and Ettie were. Maybe they'll be mentioned in a future letter.

My best guess is that Frankie Bachilor was Frances Norris Batchelor, 1858-1950; wife of George Batchelor.

Joe Blake is another mystery right now.

John Hamilton married Genie H. Michael, 23 October 1881, Berrien Co, MI

Fannie was Ashley's sister, Frank his son.

Josey was Anna's brother, Joseph Camfield and Rosa his wife. Apparently my grandmother, Pearl Camfield Carlisle, was called Daisy when she was a baby!

Pearl Vivian "Daisy" Camfield
born 14 July 1886, South Bend, IN
date of photograph unknown

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