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Isaac Ashley Carlisle, 1 May 1887

May the 1 1887
Dear wife and children
I went up to O.D.
to day found no wone
to home so I dont
know how they are
Rosey got a letter
from home thish
week they were all
well as usal
she said that thare
was twelve in the
famley it did not
seam posable it
was so she said
thare was three
she had not seen
how she wold
like to see them
very much
they have bilt
__ betwen wone hundre

(continued along margin)

__ rods of fence this spring


so the old frady
catle cod not
get in to hert
any thing
wee hant got
the Basment

done yet weem
any thisk week
as ever youre
x I. A. C.
and well as

"Rosey got a letter from home" What does this mean? Rose was abandoned by her father before she was born. Her mother died in 1880. Her grandfather, Porter Graham, died in 1871. Perhaps this refers to some of her siblings. Maybe I'll learn more from other letters.

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Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Snowville, New York. 2009.
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