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Isaac Ashley Carlisle, 20 Feb 1887

Febuary the 20th 1887
Dear wife and Children
how often I have thought
of you this week
but I hoped that he
So much Beter or
____ we __ he wil let me
know wall anna
I am well as usal
I will ____ pay too
marrow if you want
me to Send some
when yu write
sa so wall I went
and Bout me Some
drores too pare and
wone Shirt it was
a Blue wone I wont
go up to O. D. to day
anaBell writes some
to Frank Josey is
some Beter now


I expect to be cut
Down Some on my
wages I dont know
yet how much Dont
say how much
I will now next
pay day if it do nt
Sa te I will not Stay
I will keep Still
until I know then
I can kick them
Love to all as ever

O.D. Stade unt ill
I got back right
here they was
eating when I came

Ashley's handwriting and spelling are very hard to read. The rest of the family were quite literate so I am surprised. I have transcribed his letters line by line.

O.D. was Ashley's brother, Orville Daniel Carlisle. In 1870 Orville lived in Mishawaka, IN, not far from South Bend. In 1880 he was living in Buchanan, MI and by 1889 he lived in Grand Rapids, MI. From this letter it is apparent that sometime between 1880 and 1887 he moved to South Bend, IN.

Anabell was Mabel Camfield

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Carlisle, Isaac Ashley. (Souh Bend, IN) to “Dear wife and Children”
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Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Snowville, New York. 2009.
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