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Isaac Ashley Carlisle, 26 April 1889

April the 26th 1889

Dear Wife and Children
I suppose it shines in Buchanan to day so it dos heere. I went to work this morning did not work so I though it wold bea a good time to say a few words. I have worked fore dayes and half thish week it comes to 15.75 ao I will send you $20 by Orvill on Monday if he coms and I think he will

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how bad Bill and marey goodrige must feel I let Rosey reed the leter she was some what surprised and so was I to. ana bell went to see mamey to day the baby grore like fum it cries some now Rosey dos her one washen now they was fore funrar_ won day thos week will bee wone to morah I hant Joined the union yet do not know when I shall Joe drew a watch in a lotrey this week worth $25

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it cost him 22 dolars fore the ticket so he is a head a little now I may go out in the country work some next week I have jest got home from the funral the man was hurt on the ralroad hed wone leg cut off and the other broke it hapend six week ago he was wone of Jose custmer I have erned since I come heere $29.40 so you see I hant lade still all of the time

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mamey came home with Bell and stade all day heere I lodge with Jose and get my meals with Orson Wood I bought some new stockens last night and got _____ I send it to Tamerson By Orvill. I let Rosey reed the leter. I dont know when I will come home so I will send twenty dollars to yo so do what you think best as evr youre afecant husban I A Carlisle

Orville was Ashley's brother and Mamie was Orville's daughter. Annabelle was Joe and Rose's daughter, Mabel. The baby was Ruby.

Bill and Mary Goodrich were the parents of Anna's friend, Myra Phillips. Myra died in the spring of 1890 so I'm not sure what Ashley is referring to.

Joe Camfield had a barber shop and met lots of people. Spending $22 for a chance on a $25 watch seems a bit reckless to me.

I'm surprised that Rose isn't feeding Ashley. Maybe it was too much with the children or maybe it simply wasn't the way things were done back then but he was her brother-in-law.

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