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Isaac Ashley Carlisle, 6 March 1887

March 6 1887
Dear wife and Children
it is Sunday now
I have been up to
O.D. to day they are
all well mama is
South bend over
Sunday Bell chool
will beo out in fore
weeks they dont talk
with each other
atall if they can
help it so things
are not nice now
wall anna I bought
a coat and some shews
coat $3.00 shews $1.50
I have binn out in
the country blasting


Stone I may not go
agane I dont yet
I will come home
this week if it ranes
like fu__ are water
the foalks are well

from your Deares
I. A. C.

I went to church
to day with Lillb

O.D. = Orville Daniel Carlisle
Belle = Clara Belle Carlisle, daughter of Orville.

Hannah L. Carlisle was visiting Orville through Sunday.

I'm not clear as to who wasn't talking to whom.

Lillb? Orville had another daughter, Lillian M. Carlisle. Orville's wife was Lydia. I was surprised to read that Ashley went to church.

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