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Sarah Ann Camfield, 10 July 1886

Noble Center July 10th 1886

well Anna I suppose you wonder why you do not get a letter I have of writing enough to have written a dozen but it seems as if there was always something else to do or see to we have our wheat cut we had 5 or 6 acres on our place it wont any more pay for thrashing I dont believe the fly worked in it so bad we had about 12 acres on Bogarduses that pretty good but we have only half of that and by the time the seed is paid for the cutting and thrashing there is not much left of our half
I have put up 24 quarts of Cherries and 2 of raspberries we have field of corn up on his place and am going to put on there again so Father is there to work most all the time so I am here alone most of the time You know he can always do better for some one else that he can do at home


you know he was anxious to get a place of our own now we have got it he dont take any interest in it at all all he has done here I have had tease done if he get up there to work he is satisfied we went to Coldwater about 3 weeks ago the onl time I have been there since you was with us Father wants to go down there next friday to see Barnums big show come in I dont know whether we will or not he wont without I go to if I am not feeling better than I am now I cannot go I have bee most sick for a week this morning I had to go to town and get medicine I have not had any in a year before
Monday 12 I wil try and finish and finish this letter I am a little better in some respects but not as wel in others but am feeling a little better this after noon I have not got any one to help me I work alittle and then lie down awhile am in hopes I shall not have another long sick spell


well Frankey Grandpa is going to send you some of his cards and you and Daniel must the the most alike Grandma thinks that the nicest way you may have the one you think the pretties this time
we are hot dry weather in these parts

Mr Bogardus Brother from Peora ilinois was here the other day + we had not seen each other in about fifty 52 years I should not have known him or he me but for all it seemed kind of naturel Mr and Mrs Bogardus and their daughter was out here canning Cherries week before last

write as often as you can
and come see us when you can

S A Camfield

This tends to confirm my theory that the Bogardus' were also from Onondaga Co, NY. I believe that the brother referred to is Eri Bogardus.. I find him in Tazewell County, IL in the 1860, 1870 and 188o censuses. I also found a marriage record at ancestry.com that gives his wife as Mary Ann Kingman, married 8 March 1849, Tazewell County. I do question Sarah's reference to 52 years making it 1834 when they saw each other last. Eri would only have been about 13 and Sarah 15 so I believe they were both still at home then.

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The Delta Upsilon Decennial Catalogue [1903 By Delta Upsilon fraternity

A picture of Eri and Mary Ann's headstone id online here.
Eri Bogardus
Feb 20, 1821-Feb 29, 1904
His Wife
Mary Ann Bingham
Widow of Abel Kinghan
Oct 11, 1816-Oct 16, 1881

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