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Sarah Ann Camfield, 23 June 1888

Noble June 23rd 1888

well I guess you think you are not going to hear from us any more well it is a shame that I have not written before but I have kept talking about it but did not go at it so it didnot get done there did not seem to be any thing new to write so I kept neglecting it
we are as well as usual I cannot stand it to work as I used but feel pretty well if I do not work to hard Father has complained more than common this spring but is well now he is plowing for buckwheat is going to 2 acres of it we are just working our own place this year he did not put any corn on Bogarduses place this year we have apiece of wheat up there and oats that is all it looks very well now


we have had a verry cold backward spring corn has been looking very backward but the warm weathe we having has set it to growing it seems almost as if we can see it grow
26 Father has sowed some buckwheat today I washed yesterday and to day I have been lopping round not doing much
Fred went fishing yesterday and got 10 nice fish to day he is at school we do not have here on Monday but have saturday what are you going to do the 4th I have not been to Celebration in 8 years I dont know whether we shall go or not they are going to have quite atime to Bronson wheat is kooking pretty wel in these parts ours is winter killed some we did not out any on our place what we have is on Bogarduses place we have about 12 acres but we only have one half of it and it takes most of our share to pay the harvesting abd thrashing
write soon S A Camfield

School Tuesday through Saturday seems unusual to me but it must have worked for the community. I'm betting that Sarah didn;t get to go to the 4th of July Celebration that year either.

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