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Sarah Ann Camfield, 17 Dec 1889

Noble Dec 17th 1889

Dear Children

well we are ahving another of our drizly wet days that we have so many of late Father is plowing when it dont rain and some time when it does you mus have more snow than we there was not enough for sleighs to run it did not cover the mud I hope you was not afraid I would get the work all done so you would have nothing to do what I wanted to get done was to get the kitchen fixed so it would be more comfortable it is cold but that I dont mind so much but the roof leaks sobad and the snow blows in so bad but it not fixed nor wont be this winter our wheat was so poor and brought so little it left us verry short of money to do any thing with we had no hogs nor any thing

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else to sell only butter and eggs and that dont much more than pay for groceries we have no sown any wheat on shares we put out 18 acres last year and it paid 8 dollars for all our work and trouble after paying for cutting and thrashing and seed we had 8 dollars left
but dont you worry about we we live thrue it we had a pretty good crop of corn and we have 10 hogs to is for our meat and the 8 we are going to winter to fat next year we have 4 cows 2 give milk and our team and we raised 15 bushels of buckwheat so you see we can have pudding and milk and pancakes so we are provided for all the same we are in hopes better times next year Joseph sent Fred clothes so that helped considerable I guess Joseph is doing pretty well for these hard times

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we had baked turkey for thanks giving dinner if you and family and Joseys family could all been Bogardus house is empty yet he dot find any one to give 500 for it he bought me a Christmas presen of a big Rooser he fixed the house painted it outside so it hardly looks like the old house I think Diptheria is done I dont know of but one case thre had been so manyexposed before it was kown that they thought evey one was going to have it school has commenced again and all seems going smoothly
we got that little girls picture and dont want to flatter you nor her but do think it is just as pretty as it can be I think she more like you than the boy does
Father is going to Bronson so I will close with wishing you all a merry Christmas and happy newyear S A Camfield

This is one of the letters that just tugs at my heart. They finally have a farm of their own but they can't afford it.

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