Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Fun

Randy's Saturday night fun on the west coast, at GeneaMusings, becomes Sunday morning fun here in the eastern time zone.
This little exercise in computer file organization was on Facebook this week and a number of genealogy Facebookers played it.

1) Go to your My Pictures folder (or the equivalent) and pick out the 6th item in that folder. Then pick out the 6th item in that folder, and so forth, until you get to an actual picture.

2) Post that picture to your blog with an explanation of what the picture depicts, including place and date.

All of the pictures in "My Pictures" folder ended up on the backup hard drive so I went to my Genealogy Pictures folder.

The 6th folder there is labeled "maternal"

The 6th folder there is labeled "Carlisle"

The 6th folder there is labeled "WmCarlisleFam"

And the 6th picture is - drum roll please!

This is the wedding picture of my Uncle Bill Carlisle and his beautiful bride Betty Sue Chastain taken in 1952. Shame on me for not knowing where they were married or any of the other details!!! I'll fix that when I visit in April. Sadly Uncle Bill probably doesn't remember but I am looking forward to a nice visit with Aunt Sue.

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