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Libbie Warner Camfield, 31 August 1897

Batavia. Aug. 31, 1897.

Dear Aunt Anna,

I guess you will think that Fred and I have forgotten you but when we first received your letter the one written after you got our pictures of course grandmother read it but didn't find the part written to us. we thought it very strange that you didn't say anything about the picture but we knew that you got it alright as the letter was wrapped around it otherwise we should have doubted your getting it, but after a long time grandma was reading the letter over again and found it, then I thought when she writes I write

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too but when she finally did write or when it was mailed I was away from home so it past, but now if nothing happens to this you will read at last our thanks for the congratualtions you sent and also for the invitation to visit you we would like to ever so well but we do not suppose we shall get there very soon, we would like so much to go to South Bend this fall but I guess it is impossible and then we think too that if anyone went from here it would be grandparents and ahve them go and see you also it would do them the most good and we may have change when they won't, but I do not think

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we will be able to send them this year

The only wedding trip we had was from my sister's, where I was married, to Bronson to take Mabel and Mr Marsh to the train and then to his home not a very extensive one you see

I should like to get a picture of you this one grandma has is so old or rather so young that I don't believe it looks like you now, and the same way with Fred's mother.

Fred and grandpa are cutting clover and to-day grandpa drives while Fred rakes off, we will have quite a little seed I guess.

Perhaps Fred and I will go

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fishing tonight so I must close so I can get my work done early.

So adieu for this time.

Your Niece,

Libbie became a regualar correspondent with Anna after her marriage to Fred.

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