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Rose Graham Camfield, 26 February 1897

South Bend feb 26th
Dear ann and all of you the children have all gone to scool the house is nice and still and I will take the oppertunity to write you a letter and tell you the news of Freds wedding or maybe you have heard it, he was married wednesday evening feb 24 the to miss Libby Warner three miles from Bronson at the home of the Brides sister Mr. and Mrs. Bert Harris the wedding was


a very quiet affair only the near relatives were invited none of us went only Bell she and Mr Marsh went they went wednesday and came back thursday night Fred met them at the train and took them to Mr Harrises where they remained until next day noon she says they live in a large white house and had a lovely wedding grand ma and grand pa was both there the Bride received a great many presents Bell took her a set of china dishes and a dozen napkins Fred and


his wife brought them to the train when they came a way, they did not go to grandmas for they are not fixed to receive visitors, they are was going to move out on the new farm to day it is 8 miles from them where they are now Bell says grandpa and grandma both look as well as they did when we was there three 4 year ago she says they seem so lively and good natired
the Brides father performed the wedding ceremony as he is a minister
I would like to see you


and have a talk feel like I could talk a week you might come over ine the spring vacation if you only think so bring frank an if you cant come have him come any way Grandma told Bell the Bride did not invite any of her aunts and uncles and of course fred could not invite his or you would have had an invitation. Bell says when she is married aunt ann and uncle ashley is going to be there and she would as soon not get married at all as not to have Frank there I spose she feels nearer to Frank for she has been


with him more than she has fred and I spose we all feel ne a little nearer to him he is here more than fred ever was do you know when I think of fred it always seems as though he is grandmas own son more than my own and of course frank comes to see us some times and we expect him to come and fred never comes and that makes a difference the children often speak of frank and danl and Tamerson but of course


they don’t think of fred for they never see him they was much pleased with the valentines we forgot to send them some we have got some things for them if they come over they can get them then we have been so busy mad a new quilt and so much other work we are never done
let me know if you can come so good by love to the children
Mrs J H Camfield

Frederick Harrison Camfield married Elizabeth "Libbie" Caroline Warner, 24 February 1897 in Bronson, Branch County, MI.

How sad that Fred was so disconnected from his family but I know he provided help that Mike and Sarah needed.

Keep this sentance in the back of your mind for later: "Bell says when she is married aunt ann and uncle ashley is going to be there and she would as soon not get married at all"

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