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Sarah Ann Camfield, 25 Novemeber 1896

Noble November 25th 1896

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Dear ones all we are well that is we are none sick Fathers shoulders are lame a good deal of the time he has to quit work several times this fall I suppose it is rheumatism other wise we are well me health is better thanever I do not have half the aches and pains I used to but I have not the strength I once had but I do my work washing ironing and mending and cooking and some making I made 6 sheets and 9 pillowcases this fall every stitch by hand my hands are lame a good deal I suppose the rheumatism but have not stoped work and shall not have to we are going to move in march if nothing happens to prevent Fred has rented a farm out toward Coldwater 130 acres of land so you see there will be some work for some body look out door and in the house we are going to rent this place if we can

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there three or four spoken for it.
Joseph this is your birth day I did not think of it until I commenced the letter we had 18 acres of corn on the Williams place 4 acres here at home they have been husking corn for the last six weeks they have husked 7 acres for Bogardus and 6 more to husk for him and Fred has husked agoodeal away from home besides they have two or three days husking to do at home yet then Fred has sold 40 cords of wood they have that to cut and 6 cords for another man besides for ourselves so you see they are not out of work nor likely to be
we shall have abetter house when we get moved there is a parlor and sitting room below two rooms upstairs and wood house two porches one front and one two orchards but I donot want to go I consented to because I thought we could do beter I hate to go and leave our meeting I enjoy them s much I wish you wold come to Jesus and be saved

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from your affectionate mother S A Camfield

Sarah and Mike are moving again! It's a shame that Sarah will have to leave the church family that so recently has brought her joy.

This confirms that Joseph Harrison Camfield's birthday was November 25 (1847) and that Sarah was born in 1817.

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Snowville, New York. 2009.
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Tipper said...

Talk about hard work-they did it!! It is sad that she had to leave her church-since she had found such joy.