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Elizabeth Warner Camfield, Nov 13, 1898

Batavia, Mich., Nov 13, 1898

Dear Aunt, -

It has been some time since we heard from you but suppose you are all well or at least nothing serious. Grandma has often spoken of writing to you but has not, it is such a task for her to write. We are as well as usual but Grandparents are growing feeble all the especially Grandfather he gets around and helps about the chores and husks about ten shocks of corn a day but he is so slow so Grandma says, she fell a few weeks ago and hurt her right shoulder quite badly it is not quite well yet. Of course we think we have a pretty nice baby he will be nine months old the 25th of this month you know, and he weighs 22 1/2 lbs. We call him "Earl." We thank you ever so much for sending the "Companion." Fred and I like it ever so well Grandma says she doesn't read it much, but we did not receive the Sept. 29.

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number can you please send it with the next? Do You receive " The Stearth and Stone" paper and if so how do you like it? I take it and had it sent to Fred's mother and you. I do not think the stories are as good as they might be but the rest of it is good enough to make up I think. Grandma's chrysanthemum is in bloom and just as full of blossoms as can be but it is nearly all red or red outside and pink inside only three or four stems of white and no yellow. the blossoms are about as large as a dolar. It commenced snowing here Thurs and some of it is still on the grounds our first snow that amounted to anything. Well I must close as I haven't time to write more. Write soon.

From your niece
Libbie Camfield

This is not the first letter of Libbie's that I have published. I got so caught up in the transcription and posting of letters that I wasn't really paying attention to the fact that she is of a later generation. I have decided to continue publishing her letters as they are so sweet and so full of family information. When Libbie married Fred she took on the job of helping him to care for his grandparents.

Earl was the baby's middle name - Roland Earl Camfield.

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