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Rose Graham Camfield, Dec 30, 1898


South Bend Dec 30th
Dear ann and all of you
we I must write you a few lines this evening it is friday but I hope you will get this tomorrow night, well Christmas is over and the old year is almost gone the children was remembered by all of their friends and sunday school teachers and their aunt in Denver she sent

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all of them handkerchiefs and pocket books with some money in each one she also sent Joseph a large silk handkerchief
mother wrote us a letter and sent us Babys picture we are so proud of it she said in the letter that her and father came near spending Christmas with us I answered the letter and told them to come any time she said she sent you a picture did you get it Tamerson and Danel did not mention it in their letter to the children they

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spoke of other presents but did not mention that one, the children were gld to get the Hair Ribbons and neck tie I wonder how you knew they needed them so old Mrs Robinson is gone I was surprised to hear it, and yet I never expected to see her again, old Mrs Koontz is dead also she died last week the paper stated she was 90 years old you know they was formerly neighbors of yours, yes it is a little odd to have strangers in the other part

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of the house but they are a real nice old couple and havent any children and that makes it real pleasant I think our old neighbor Mr Wesselhoft will be home sick to come back to his little rooms again, but may be not he spent the evening with us and smoked several cigars (he always smokes on sunday but not during the week) and he told us about his native land Germany that is his pride, you tell us all about his Home acrost the sea and his little girl Hattie who died at 4 years of age and is Burried there, she was his oldest child

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we got your paper to day and was much pleased to read Franks letter Bell came this afternoon and took it home with her so Ben could read it we will have lots of chances to lend it when the people fairly finds out we have it, when Bell brings it home we are going to let Mr Brady Read it he is an old friend of Joes and he is very much interested in the Spanish - american war he called

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for it this evening the children think Frank must be having a good time eating Bananas and oranges we are glad he seems to be well and Happy I see by your paper you have groceries about as cheap as they are here or cheaper Ruby wants Tamerson to see her dolls and dishes Pearl has a new school dress I will send you a sample in this letter I have another large roll of pieces for you when you come you can have then the children

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are all going to write you a letter soon and Tamerson the next time you write I want you to either use pen and ink or a good lead pencil I could not see one word of your letter Ruby read every word of it for me I am glad you and Danel were remembered so well by your Friends Christmas well now I will close it is bed time so good night and Happy New Year to all aunt Rose

I think the year, 1898, was added at a later date but is correct, based on the reference to Mrs. Robinson.

This was quite a long letter from Rose. I have no further information on any of the neighbors that she mentions.

The baby was Roland Earl Camfield, Rose's grandson.

The aunt in Denver was Sarah Elizabeth Graham, Rose's sister.

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