Monday, May 25, 2009

Divorce Petition, Doughty-Graham

Elizabeth did divorce James. This was a huge find for me as it gave me the name of Elizabeth's father, Littleton Doughty. This and other family documents were found online in the Munice/Delaware County Digital Resource Library. I will share some of the others on Amanuensis Monday, hosted by John Newmark at Transylvanian Dutch.

Elizabeth A Graham
James Graham

Pet. Divorce
Circut Spring Term 1855

Your complainant represents that she is a resident of the State of Indiana and has been for the last ten years, and that she was married to the Defendant, James Graham on the ____ [blank] day of _____[blank] A.D. 1844, and that ever since their marriage said defendant has been a cruel + unfaithful Husband, and did not provide for his family as he should. that about five years after their Marriage Said defendant left your petitioner without any cause whatever and continued absent for some time. that some three years since he left your petitioner for parts unknown and still continues absent, that he left nothing for your petitioner to support herself and family. Your Petitioner would further show that she inherited from the estate of her father (Littleton Doughty) Eighty nine acres of land in Section twenty nine (29) Town twenty one (21) North of Range ten (10) East, in Delaware County that said James previous to his leaving your petitioner, sold twenty two acres of said

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and by fradulent representations induced her to sign a deed to the same, and that he has sold and disposed of a large amount of another property belonged to your petitioner to no advantage to her or her family.

Your petitioner therefore prays the Court to forever dissolve the bonds on Matrimony heretofore existing between them and for ever absolve her from the fellowship and society of him the said James, and that she may be for ever be quieted in the peacable possession and enforment of all of said land not [inserted] he shall pay to this petitioner the sum of $1000.00 [end of insert] here tofore disposed of and grant such other relief as may seem just and reasonable and as in duty bound will ever be grateful + c.

D + S nation
Plffs Attys

Stat vol 1_P_253

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John said...

James doesn't sound like a wonderful husband. Thanks for participating in Amanuensis Monday.