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Etola Robinson, Sept 10, 1899

Sunday September 10th 1899
4 P.M.
Mrs. I. A. Carlisle
Dear Friend:

I expect you are wondering how I am geting along at my new work: Well I am having a hard time. I commenced on Friday as I expected to that day and until 10 O'Clock saturday but stitch strips of cloth onto other pieces in order to get used to the Machine. Then they gave me an order of one doz. shirts to put the cuff bands on well I worked at them the rest of that day and monday

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we did not work and I finished them tuesday just before noon and the fore Leader put quite a number of them on. there was not one that I put on but what had to be riped and some of them two and three times before I could get the stitching straight then they gave me an order for four doz. and I finished them at 3 10 friday and very few of them without riping more or less (generally more.) yesterday I got along better but am still suppoised to get one right the first time. you will think it strange

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that I can not stitch straight but the Machine is a Wheeler and Wilson the work runs from left to right and if you do not think it would be hard to guide just go over and try Mrs. Vorhees' and then imagin it starting on the jump and runing at lightening speed and you will know what it is but I like the work and if I can make a living at it shall stick to it but am doubtfull. if I had not the patience of Jobe and the stuberness of a mule should have

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quit the third day but I remembered your favorite proverb and stuck to it. tell Ashley I am glad he came over and sharpened my knife for it has been the most important tool I have.

Well how do you like the change in the wether I think I shall have to light the trash that is in my stove pretty soon as it is almost to cool for comfort. I wish you would ask Abb if he got those deeds all right. I sent them the day before you came and have not heard from him yet. ask him to drop me a card.

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I have not seen your mother mother since you were here but Bell was over there yesterday and she was all right.

welll I guess that is all this time must write a letter to Tamerson write soon.

I am as ever your Friend

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Dear Tamerson: I must tell you about a show Bell and I went to last night it was at spring brook park has been four weeks to night is to be the last night it is moving pictures, like a magic lantern only the people move around and look as though it was real a regular play you know they showed a number of war seens the was ships of war would come sailing along on the water and fire the guns we could see to smoke but there was no report to be heard. we saw the first landing of the American sol-

diers on Cubian soil and they we so anxious to get there that they jumped out of the boat into the water knee deep and lined up and commenced fire and advancing on a duble quick we could see the water splashing as they ran through it one of the seens was a troop passing acrost a ravine in face of the enemy we could see them shoot and also see them get shot several of them then the read cross sisters came to care for the wounded. there was lots more and it all seemed so real but then you would

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have thought the most fun was a pillow fight it was three little girls in there night clothes and one of them was in a little iron bead and the other two one on each side of the beed was throwing the pillows at one another they throwed them at a grate rate and pretty soon the feathers began to fly and the one in the beed to jump up and do__ so delited you could almost hear her screem. it was all very nice except the last five seens. every other night they have given what they call the Pasion play it is the

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reprezentation of the life and crusifiction of Christ and last night they gave in conection with the other the last five seens of that his and I did not like that.

Tell Daniel there is a girl working in the factory that looks like his best girl only she is older and biger. she wares glasses too. Well I suppose you have had a week of school and how do you like it

Well I guess I have writen enough for this time so will close write soon and tell me every thing you can think of.

Yours Toley

I enjoyed her description of the motion picture.

Abb was Abner Robinson, Toley's brother. He was a neighbor of Anna's. Bell was Mabel Camfield Marsh.

Wheeler and Wilson sewing machines

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Jasia said...

Oh what great letters! The description of operating the sewing machines and viewing moving pictures was just wonderful. What a reality check for the technology we take for granted, eh?