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Sarah Ann Camfield, Jan 26, 1900

South Bend January 26 1900 (310)

Dear Children

we are all well and hope you are allso Roza wrote last week but I thought I would write all the same

Monday 29th we are having pretty cold weather yesterday and to day the coldest we have had Fred got aletter from Libby saturday they are all well Now I am going to send you one dollar to get yours and Ashleys pictures taken for me and therest of you I suppose you can get six send me three and you keep three I got Josephs and Roses taken and now I want yours also

and if you have that big oxalice I would like to have you send me some did your blossom and what colour was it I gave Mrs Burk some of those I took home but do not know the result the rest I gave Rose and she planted them and left them about aweek and threw them away because they had not

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grown I tried to find out where she threw them she said she did not know where she threw them if I get some more she will not get them to throw away

Fred has gone to bed to sleep he worked all night last nite he will work night now for two weeks and then days for 2 weeks that is the way they change

I have a few worsted pieces I am going to send you for your quilt

we expected tola here yesterday but she did not come I guess it was to cold

write as often as you can

write soon so goodby for this time

from your S A Camfield

Ps will you please send me the patern of the star you were piecing when I was there last sumer I have and set to gather 2 quilts and have blocks for 2 more now have eleven stars for another they are the star with a square middle that I have

I have only one picture of Rose that was taken very late in life with her daughter, Ruby. I wish I had the picture mentioned. If any other descendants have a copy I would love to add it here.

I had already dated this picture as c. 1900. Perhaps it was the one that Sarah Ann requested.
Ashley, Daniel, Tamerson, Frank, and Anna Carlisle

I didn't know that Fred had moved to South Bend to work while Libbie took care of things on the farm.

What color was the oxalis? I never brought mine in last year. I'll have to get another and keep it as a house plant. Maybe a green with pink flowers.

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