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Sarah Ann Camfield, Oct 10, 1899

Batavia October 10th 1899

Dear Children and grand Children

we are as well as usual and enjoying our selves as well as we can we had Mr and Mrs Spero and the two Chlidren here last week they came friday after noon and stayed until sunday morning 10 o'clock also Mrs Plant called last week one day alittle while she was going to Coldwater on buisness she she could not go by without Calling she is going to york state to her Brothers I dont know whether she intended to stay or not she said she would try to come and make us avisit before she went october 11th There is some prospect of rain this morning it is neaded badley every thing is very dry Freds man lift Saturday and he has considerable corn to husk yet hans are

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verry scarse they say it is impossible to get aman to work at any price I went to Coldwater the 2d and sold my place in Noble and had the writing drawn for it so now I have no place any more I get 1,100 dollars for it I have a mortgage on it Libbbies health is poor she is taking medacine all the time it is so dark I cannot see the lines I did not get the Rig pattern of Mrs Vorus will you please send it to me in your next letter now I have rags ready cut and sewed for 15 or 20 yards of carpet what had I better do with them please tell me in your next letter what you think I thought to have it wove and bring it with me to the bend and I thought to fetch the rags and have it wove there but dont know what is best if I could sell them I think that would be ebst but dont know as I can write soon and tell me what you think

S A Camfield

Added scrap of paper

I forgot to tell you I went to Mrs Tiltons last week had agood visit write soon and tell what you think about the rags I have walked up to Mrs Burks twice since I came back

It seems sad that Sarah Ann has sold her home. She hadn't lived there in some time as the house was rented out and they in turn rented another, larger place.

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