Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tech Tuesday - Feedly

Have I mentioned that I am struggling to keep up with what everyone else is writing? I had been using Google Reader to manage my feeds and up until a couple of days ago I was very happy with it.

Google Reader View

I have switched to Feedly and now I have a much nicer view of what I haven't yet read.
Cover View

Feedly gives you options as to do you want to view your feeds. I actually prefer the digest option.
Digest View

I'm enjoying mixing up my various folders a bit in the Cover or Digest views. I've missed following the gardening blogs and frankly trying to catch up had started to feel like a chore and chores are rarely enjoyable! But if I want to view only feeds from one particular folder I can simply click on a tab on the left hand side to get this view.
Folder View

If I want to see all of the feeds I subscribe to I can go to my dashboard. There I can also select favorites.
Dashboard View

To use Feedly you need to have a Google Reader account and use Firefox. I use both so all I had to do was click the button on the Feedly page and restart Firefox. I often have trouble finding my way around new software/sites but Feedly is very easy to navigate.

I do not recommend clicking on the Latest View - at least not if you are as behind as I am. 4, 636 items unread! It will be a while yet before I read everything :(

Latest View

Hat tip to Blogging Tips.


geneabloggers said...

Great article and I was unaware of Feedly - I think it would be a great supplement to Google Reader!

Debbie Blanton McCoy said...

Thanks, Apple. I use Google Reader and I'm going to try Feedly now. It looks like it has a nicer interface.

Ruth said...

This is very interesting, thanks for posting about it. I use Google Reader and Firefox, and Feedly might just be something that I'll like. I'm gonna play with it for a few days, too. I agree with Debbie, it definitely has a better interface.