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Sarah Ann Camfield, Jan 7, 1901

South Bend Indiana Jan 7th 1901

Dear Anna all of you

I suppose you will be glad to hear that we are all well Roza has quite a cold but sinot sobad but that she is washing and I am sewing carpet rags peacing bedquilts is athing of the past when I got the 15th done I quit and went at carpetrags for arest I have had six rides on the street car we have been three times to sit to have our Pictures taken the four generations you know I hope they will be righ this time we went yesterday

Mrs Warner Libbies Mother was here last week she came Christmas and went home the day after newyear

now about Christmas Joseph and Rose gave me a little shoulder shall dark gray with a small white border striped and alot of candy and Bel gave me a nice lite apron ready made and some candy and Libby gave me

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alittle candle stick it cost five cents Fred gave Perl abottle of perfume that is al they gave the family we all to gather gave them as much as one dollar my hyacinths are growing but they seem to grow so slow our plants froze one of them cold nites but they was not much loss how is Toley going along we hope she is having a good time tel her we should like to hear direct from her

I dont know whether I wrote to you that Mr Bogard and wife went east last fall so if we had gone to noble we shoul not have seen them they went in august and came back saturday before election when you get ready to weave your carpet we are going to donate ours

I got a letter from Mrs Plant the same time I got yours before Christmas they both came to gather now I must answer hers so good by for this time please give my love and best wishes to all S A Camfield

Fifteen quilts! Sarah Ann was 83 when this was written. I really wish one of her quilts had been preserved.

I think I have shared this picture before. It may be the one she is talking about.
Earl, Fred, Joseph and Sarah Camfield c. 1900

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