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Sarah Ann Camfield, March 15, 1902

South bend March 15 1899 [1902]

Dear Children and Grand Children

we are all well and this will find you all enjoying the same blessing this is such a beautiful spring morning I have been out taking a walk and called on a neighbor it very hard walking on acount of the ice

I thought I had blocks enough for three quilts one for each of the girls and comenced setting one to gather and found I had only just half enough so you see I am not out of work yet

Fred is with us yet he has rented a house two weeks ag but Libby has not come yet

I got a letter from Mrs Plant aweek ago she is in Newyork state will come back in March to burr oak

them bulbs did not grow

page 2

I suppose you know today would be Fathers eighteth birth day if he was alive I have read two sermons this morning and Called on a nabor and peeled potatoes for dinre and written this letter and made my bed and it is onl eleven oclock I do not mean to brag but am so glad I am able to do it and try to be thankful for the blessings of health that I can do it

I feel to prais the giver of all health ana strength and power

S A Camfield

write when and as often as you can

I send you this star so you can see the size of my work I had 126 stars thought for 3 quilts 48 for each it wants 84 Bells the star is all pink and out side blue the others will be all kinds just as they come I have Bells partly cut out togather have 14 stars to peace yet

1899 is written on this letter but I can not tell if it was added later. Mike would have turned 80 in 1902. There is a letter by Libbie Camfield written 15 Mar 1899 that firmly places Sarah in Batavia that year. Either the date was added later or Sarah Ann was missing Mike and put his death year on the letter by mistake.

Sarah Ann's break from piecing either did not last long or I still haven't properly dated this letter!

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