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Sarah Ann Camfield, March 6, 1902

South Bend March 6th 1902

Dear Children

we are well and hope you are I am alone so I would write to you to let you know that we have not forgotten you I am not peasing anymore I am carpet ragging I have about ten good balls sewed and enough torn to make about two more balls now if you would like them I will make what I can but if not I will stop and find some else to do I have got the blocks for the three quilt done and two over I believe that makes twenty six since two years ago the 12th of last november

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ther is more pieces but I have got so tired of it I do not want to do any more of it and I dont know as any wants any more quilts

I got apicture of Wirt and his two boy about two weeks ago and a letter from him last week I have not had any from Elizabeth yet since I wrote to her

how is the Cremery is it running yet it will seem strange to Jim Woods folks to live out in the Country I should think Joseph thinks it must be the Cathaway they have got

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I dont know what this is a piece of but thought I would send it to Tamerson

Joseph and Rose is talking of buying alot this spring I dont know whether it will be any thing but talk or not I have down town once since I back to the bend and I went and spent the day with Mrs Tampson that is all I have been away only to meeting I have been serveral times in the evenings as well as in the day time I believe itold you they built a new Church close by it is just about as down to the Osborn plac from your place ther has als bee built a minnonite Church built about as far as down to McKnight corner I think

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I have not been there but think of going when the weather is more settled I can go the biggest half of the on the street so it wont be very bad I can go once in awhile any way it will be better than sitting here day after day that is gettin quite tire some I am getting anxious for the time to when I can come to Buchanan for a but I shall hate to go away now and leave the meetings it is such acomfort to go we got aletter from Libby this after noon they are well well I am tired and guess you will be when you get done reading this. So good by for this tine

S A Camfield

Marshall Wirt Wisner was Sarah Ann's youngest brother. I did not find his letter or picture. Sarah Elizabeth Hall Belden was her niece. Elizabeth "Libby" Warner Camfield was married to Sarah's grandson Fred. Fred lived with Michael and Sarah Ann for years and was more like a son to her. I believe Fred was living with his parents and Sarah Ann in South Bend and Libby and son Earl were still in Branch County, Michigan. Wood's and McKnight's were family friends in Buchanan.

Twenty-six hand pieced quilts in 2 1/2 years. I think I would have wanted to do something else too. I wish I knew how big the rag balls were and what what she did with them.

I'm not sure what churches were in Buchanan at that time and I should look into it as Sarah mentions missing meetings when she stayed there. The family lived out at the edge of town and on a hill so perhaps it was just too much of a walk for her to get to any of the churches.

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