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Sarah Ann Camfield, Nov 27, 1901

South Bend Nov 27th 1901

Dear Children and Grand Children

well Ann I have written to Wirt and now I will dare write to you and Elizabeth we are all well and ought to be happy and thankful we have enough to eat and wear to be warm and comfortable and are having such beautiful weather I think it ought to make every one feel thankfull wel Libby and Earl is in Chicago they went last wednesday we have had 2 letters from her they seem to like it very much and why should they not Fred gets 4 dollars aday and gets house rent for 10 dolars amonth the same as we pay they have all conveniences I kept my clothes bars and feather

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and pillows now I want you to have them if you will excet them you can have them any time you can get them over thare I have made and tied acomfeter all alone since I came back and pieced 31 blocks for the three quilts we planed and have pieced one pattern block for your pattern quilt yesterday Rozy and I walkedup where they are building a new Evangelical Church it seem to be most done it will nice when it is done I can go to Church it is just anice walk from here last Monday was Joseph Birthday and we never thought of it until this morning we are expecting Ben and Bell Marsh here for avisit she said look for us friday or saturday

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Earl was very much pleased with his rabit Libby thought hers nice she said she must make something for you we are going to have the big Rooster for dinner to morrow if the Lord is willing and spares his life and ours

Joseph is at work at the depot yet he seems to like it and he seems to be so well I dont know when I have seen him look and seem so well he sits down to the table and eats lik other folks he says his work is not hard as a general thin he does not complain of being tired or sick that is something new for him you know S A C

Sarah had written to her nephew, Marshall Wirt Wisner and niece Elizabeth Hall Belden. See the Hall family letters for more information.

Joseph has given up his job as a barber and is now working for the railroad. Fred, Libby and Earl have all moved to Chicago. Fred may have been working as an electricians apprentice.

Breaks over! Sarah's back to piecing quilts.

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