Sunday, October 18, 2009

Counting Cousins

This week's Saturday night fun from Randy at GeneaMusings:
Your task, if you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music), is to:

1) Pick one of your four great-grandparents - if possible, the one with the most descendants.

2) Create a descendants list for those great-grandparents either by hand or in your software program.

3) Tell us how many descendants, living or dead, are in each generation from those great-grandparents.

4) How many are still living? Of those, how many have you met and exchanged family information with? Are there any that you should make contact with ASAP? Please don't use last names of living people for this - respect their privacy.

5) Write about it in your own blog post, in comments to this post, or in comments or a Note on Facebook.

I adjusted the rules a bit and picked great-grandparents Isaac Ashley Carlisle (1842-1929) and Sarah Ann Camfield (1853-1930) because while I am working on the letter transcriptions their descendants are the ones that I'd most like to get in touch with right now. They only had three children and it was still a very tough exercise.

3 children, all of whom are deceased.

10 grandchildren of whom Mom is the only one still alive.

18 great-grandchildren (that I know of); 3 are deceased

20 great-great-grandchildren (I must be missing some); all still living.

14 great-great-great-grandchildren; all living

So Ashley and Sarah have at least 65 descendants that I know of. There are undoubtedly more. I've only met one of my first cousins. I have tried, without much success, to get in touch with some of my other cousins that I have tracked down and there are many more I haven't located yet.

I'd love to get in touch with any descendants of:

Francis Ashley Carlisle (1878-1926) and Mary Frances Carlisle (1877-1946)

Daniel Michael Carlisle (1885-1960) and Pearl Vivian Camfield (1886-1972)

Tamerson Louisa Carlisle (1877-1978) and Harry Phineas Binns (1865-1951)

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GrannyPam said...

Nice summary, Apple. And, it goes right along with the letters you have been transcribing. I hope several of your missing cousins will find this post and get in touch with you!