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Jeanette Currier Belote, Feb 10, 1908

Sherwood Feb 10 1908

Mrs Camfield
Buchanan. Mich..

Dear Mother in Israel
I greatly appreciate your letter received on my birthday, and coming from one who could number, 90 years made it doubly interesting. The whole affair was a complete surprise to me and that made it more enjoyable. I received 24 post cards, 28 letters. 2 birthday booklets. And several substancial gifts. I thought as I read your letter should I live as long as you already have, I would have to live a quarter of a century yet, it don’t seem possible to me I ever will but the Lord’s will be done on that as in every thing else. I am glad you rejoice in a Savior who is abundiantly able to make our last days the very best of all your life

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You write me you had always thought you would be a Christian sometime; I always wanted to be even from childhood. When I was about 10 years of age a revival ware swept over the City of Buffalo N.Y. where I then lived it deluged the Churches and found its way into more secluded places A young girl was converted she attended the same school that I did At the recess on noon hour she would gather the little children about her and read from her Bible and talk to us I think I got my first impression of God and Heavin at that time for ever after that my heart was reaching out after something I hardly knew what I liked old people and good people best

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I remember I went with an old lady to a quaker meeting held in the home of one of their number my minds eye can see them now as they sat erect with somber grey dresses their white Kerchiefs crossed once their bosoms very stately they looked it seemed to me a very long time they sat there without saying a word finely got up shook hands said farewell and went home I know now I was deeply impressed with the Solemnity of the hour. I was brought up to go to Sunday school and church but there came a time when like many others I broke loose from all this and sought the pleasures of the world yet when I was all alone I felt I wanted something better

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When I was 28 years old (then a wife and Mother of two boys) I sought to know the Lord whome to know aright is life eternal the M. E. people were holding the Revival meeting in our School house quite a number professed to be saved from sin but I ask myself where are they now God alone knoweth For 17 years I lived an acceptable member of the . M. E. church but I fear at all times I was not an acceptable member of the church of God’s own planting Yet I had set my face as a fl__t Zionward and I was not Confounded for God came again to my help on the first day of Jan 1888

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And in truth I did become a new Creature Old things passed away and I became a new born Soul in Christ Jesus I have been doing the best I seemed to understand to walk humbly in His sight since that time I believe it would be to His Glory to say I realize His presence with one from day to day His service is my delight I have the Port in view I hope to make it by his Grace His promises are Yea and Amen to my Soul as I listened to the singing in the class meeting yesterday of the old Hymn, Zion Soldiers my inmost Soul was moved to another Victory of Amen for fear you never heard it I am going to write down the chorus

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Don’t you know that Zion Soldiers
Dropped early from the mould
And the more their’r melted over;
The brighter is the Gold.

It maybe you have heard it sung in other years Perchance you may even know it, I would like to get all of the words we only know a part of the piece I hope you will remember me when you talk with God ask him to keep me true in evry spot and place that my daily walk and conversation may please Him.

Pardon this long letter I may not have the opportunity to write again but I hope we may ne able to sing the Song of Redemption together over there

Your’s in Christian fellowship Mrs J. H. Belote

This was a very nice letter for Sarah Ann to receive however it didn't contain any information pertinent to my family. It did however get me curious as to just exactly who Mrs. J. H. Belote was and why Sarah Ann might have sent her a birthday letter.

I hope this letter finds it's way to Jeanette's descendants.

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Belote, Jeanette Helen Currier (Sherwood, MI) to “Dear Mother in Israel”
[Sarah Ann Camfield]. Letter. 10 Feb 1908. Digital Images 1-6.
Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Snowville, New York. 2009.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1908,
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Anonymous said...

I found your post today about J.H. Belote and was very intrigued. She is my 6th generation grandmother on my mothers side (Belote's) of the family. I just started researching and gathering information about our family & this by far is the coolest. Please contact me at (I'm interested in getting a copy of the letter, if possible?)


Paul Osborne